I am a collector, a researcher, and a fabricator. Inspired by scientific investigation, my work pursues process and pattern as functions of time and as methodologies of making. I develop my projects by detecting systems of rhythmic repetition—visual, aural, spatial, linguistic—that act as guides to help me find my way. I am drawn to the metaphors we use to describe the experience of time; the spun thread, burning candle, and punch clock all contain a personal, kinetic perception of the passage of time. We measure time in so many unconscious and intimate ways: counting and graphing our hours and days with songs, devices, and calculations; seeking to strike a bargain with the relentless progress of life, gazing back on the past while measuring the future. In my work time is tangible: measured in stitches, steps, and the interplay between action and stillness. I parse the world as pattern, reading and misreading structure and symbol as sensory narratives of natural phenomena. I am drawn to the overt and decorative patterning found in tile-work, text, graphs, genetic sequences, and wave forms. These patterns lead to materials and methods like stitching, tiling, mold making, and casting; the organic textures in coiled surfaces, the wonderful specificity and abstraction of medical diagrams, and the pulsing photons of projected shadows. The processes become sensual metaphors for phenomena that we all experience but may not notice.