Art work inspired by Natural Science Museums

One of four Cabinets of Curiosity that I have in my studio, serves as a reminder of what I love the most about Museums like The Museum of Jurassic Technology and other eccentric collections that use the language and strategies of Museum display to disrupt viewer expectations.

 Coiled Sculptures 2013 ongoing 

Artist in Residence ZKU, Berlin Germany, 2012

Projects from my residency at The Center for Art and Urbanisitics. I went to ZKU to study the intersection of craft, science and folklore in German apiculture. I was especially interested in the forms of human built hives specific to East Germany. I also started observing and diagramming the flight patterns of insects towards light sources. The images on this page are preliminary studies, and source images from my research: a pattern from an old chain on the floor of my studio, Moth mimicking concrete texture (this same moth was the subject of the diagrams I was making in wire), Honey comb and examples of tradtional woven and coiled Skeps.

Artist in Residence, Elsewhere, Greensboro NC, 2007

Installation inspired by the Parade of Animals in The Natural History Museum in Paris made with Plastic toys, cast ice, Ice Pops and found objects.